Yoga. For every shape, size, gender, person. 


Laura has used the practice of yoga to change the quality of her life, noticing immediate benefits both mentally and physically she was drawn to the practice. Wishing to grow a deeper understanding of the body and techniques used to clear the mind, it is now her ambition to share what she has learnt to enhance the lifestyle of others.

It may be posture, balance, injury, condition, anxiety, self discovery or overall health you are searching to improve - you will find so much more. 


Based in Bristol, Laura incorporates a variety of traditional practices within movement, breath, and meditation to restore body and mind from the stresses of modern day living.

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Focusing on personal goals 

Practicing at a time which suits you

A session tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy the advantages of a personalised at home experience.


Remove the pressures or inconveniences of studio classes and feel fully supported through your journey.  

 We begin with an initial chat, either a zoom call or a coffee somewhere suitable. Learning from your objectives I create a program individual to you which is designed to reach your goals. 

You can give me a time frame and I will give you my realistic opinion and do my best to meet it.

1-2-1 yoga classes include an optional head massage to drift you peacefully into your shavasana. Also a postural assessment to ensure we include specific exercises to improve your stance and overall physical condition.

Not every group class suits all, sometimes we have to use other ways to achieve personal development and the benefits of creating time for yourself are endless.

I am able to travel to you or arrange meetings in an outdoor area.

Current Offer!! 

Your first 1:1 is 50% off



~ Find me at ~

~ Space 238 ~ Easton ~

A renowned studio, now above their independent and contemporary cafe. The perfect way to compliment your self care.

~ The Hideout - St Jude~

An exciting new wellness centre fresh to Bristol. A stunning setting inside, think Bali vibes.

~ BPro Fitness ~ Long Ashton ~ 

A modern industrial gym which holds a comforting and intensely warm space for classes.

In accordance to government guidelines each space is limited to the number of students it can accommodate.

This is to ensure the peace and safety of you and others.


Please book the class before hand via this website, do not join if you are feeling unwell and it is highly recommended you bring your own mat.


Fri 30th Oct - Sun 1st Nov 2020

A New Online Spiritual & Wellness Festival!

A weekend of dance classes, fitness, yoga, spiritual ceremonies/journeys, meditation, arts and crafts, inspirational/educational talks, cooking, and nutrition.

I will be leading two classes for the festival which are open to the community to participate in.

Sat 31st October. 10:45 - 12:30pm.  £7. Limited Spaces.

As we withdraw from the sun, we move with the intention of directing our awareness internally to harness energy. This transitional time of year can leave us feeling lost in the wind, however, using the Sacral Chakra - Svadhishthana - we will ignite our power. Energetically, this chakra rules creativity, enthusiasm, sensuality, and is linked to the element of water. When Svadhisthana energy is in balance we can more freely access pleasure and inspiration.

Expect fluid transitions and spinal waves, paying attention to moving with softness and strength through asana and meditation.

Sun 1st November. 3 - 4:45pm.  £3. Unlmited Spaces.

A modern and different style of yoga, this Budokon inspired sequence is a spicy blend of Vinyasa Flow and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Budokon, meaning 'the way of the spiritual warrior', helps to establish a deep sense of the present moment within the body and mind. We will connect to a strong Ujai breath and move in a rhythmic dance of asana, aiming to cultivate strength, stamina, and increased joint mobility. If you want to stir up your inner fire and master some new skills - this class is definitely for you!

With the current situation I am sad to announce that the 2020 Moroccan Retreat has been postponed.


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