Yoga. For every shape, size, gender, person. 

Since opening my heart to the path of yoga and noticing the benefits it has had for me mentally and physically, it has to been my goal to share what I know, to enhance the lifestyle of the everyday person. It may be posture, balance, stress, injury, condition, anxiety, self discovery or overall health you are searching to improve - you will find so much more. 


Yoga is not only a physical exercise. Creating space for positive thoughts to grow, helping the mind remain calm and clear while ridding the body of toxins and stagnant energy. 


Based in Bristol, I incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to heal body and mind from the stress of modern day living.

If you are curious of what my teachings consist of then you have already began your journey in to a healthier version of yourself. 

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Focus on your goals

Achieve fast results. 

Practice at a time which suits you.


A personal yoga session or small group (Max 3) will be completely tailored to you. A variety of styles, guided meditations and sequences will be used to help you reach your objectives. The 60 or 90 minute class will take place in a convenient studio space or I will travel to you within a reasonable distance to Bristol.  

Initially we will meet for a tea or arrange a video call so we can talk about what it is that you wish to achieve. It is important that we build a positive relationship, I will be guiding you and assisting in deepening your practice. Each persons program is individual and designed to suit their specific needs. 


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