About me

Hi, my name is Laura and welcome to my website. 


Originally from Somerset and previously rooted in Bristol, after a few years of travelling my path has now lead me to Newport. After a short time here I can already see the potential for yoga to grow within the community. I want to be apart of sharing my knowledge and passion for the practice in this up and coming city. Spreading something that can be beneficial to others mental and physical health is why I love teaching so much. To me, yoga and meditation are two very effective techniques to heal your body and mind from the stress of a modern day life.

I am a qualified yoga teacher and have been for the past 2 years, I acquired my certification in a renowned yoga studio in Bali and was lucky enough to receive my training from three very talented and very different yoga teacher trainers. 


I have taught yoga in Chile, accompanied fitness retreats in Portugal and hosted meditations in Spain. My classes are heart felt and varied, some focus on breath and others strength. You will find as I start to build myself here in Newport there will become an assortment of workshops and different class styles to join, sign up to my newsletter to receive updates. 

This website is home to my work and beliefs, healthy bodies equals healthy minds and vice versa. My mission is to create a community of trust and openness in a society which is now reserved and distant, even to our close ones we can appear to be withdrawn from one another. With the practice of yoga I know you can lead a more compassionate and grateful life. Exercising self love and self acceptance will not only improve the relationship you have with yourself but also with the others in your life. 

Yoga has had a huge positive impact in my personal life. Before I lead quite an unhealthy lifestyle, not caring about my physical health or state of mind. Yoga has taught me that I can over come and conquer negative thoughts in my head and challenges I may face. It has introduced me into different ways to look after my health and the importance small constructive acts can be. The biggest changes can start from the smallest ideas, if you are beginning your journey then be patient, some of the best things take time. For those of you who are already well within your yoga disciplines then be proud of how far you have come. To all of you searching my website for a way of enhancing your well-being, thank you for your interest and I hope the content will benefit you. 

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