Beginning your journey

Yoga, meditation, pranayama.

What is the 6 week course?

The beginners yoga course consists of six weekly 60 minute classes as an opportunity for people to start from the basics in a safe and non judgemental environment. The class will be a maximum of 6 students so I can provide enough attention to each individual. 

What can I expect?


We will cover the foundations of a wide range of asanas to ensure you are practicing them in correct alignment, gaining the most from your practice and causing less chance of injury. I will teach you the essentials to attend different classes with confidence on your mat or when practicing at home. The initial class will begin with brief introductions and a short introduction into what is yoga. Learning how to perfect your downward facing dog, the asanas of sun salutations and how to relax in your savasana (final resting pose). From there each class will include the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques) physical asanas (focusing on different elements each week), always finishing with a meditational savasana. You will be learning the names postures and their benefits are as we move forward. Classes will start at a slower pace and work up to a fluid flow as we progress together through the weeks. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

Who would benefit from this course?

People who are completely new to yoga, those who want to gain more confidence within their practice, others who want to perfect their foundations and learn in depth about the entire practice. It states beginners but the course is for anyone, if you feel drawn to attending these classes then please feel free, even if you practice yoga regularly.

6 week beginners course - £55

Next available course

January 2020 - Please contact to be on the information list.