The many benefits of yoga 

We all have heard in one way or another that yoga and meditation is good for our health, but what are the actual benefits? What advantages are their for inviting these practices into our life? May it be a daily or weekly or fortnightly practice, it all helps to improve your life. Here are some of the positive changes you will begin to see after time:  

Body and mind 

. Yoga can boost your metabolism helping you maintain a healthy weight. 

. Reduces migraines and muscle stress around your brain. 

. Aids chronic back pain by strengthening your core to support your spine and stretching your muscles so there is no pull from tighter areas. 

. Helps to keep your heart healthy by opening your chest and teaching you the use of pranayama. 

. Improves brain function. Just 20 minutes of yoga can sharpen your mental focus.


. Increase concentration and boosts your memory by relieving stress.

. A natural mood enhancer, studies have shown an increase in serotonin when practicing yoga, helping to reduce depression. 

. Protects and nourishes your spine, strengthening the muscles around and adding fluid to the nervous system. 

. Builds confidence and self esteem, decreasing anxiety and self doubt. 

. Creates mindfulness towards a healthy lifestyle, promoting a healthier diet and positive awareness towards what you eat and drink. 

. Encourages self love, generating a better relationship with oneself and others around. 

. Gives you proper posture, relieving stress on joints and bones. Helping to ensure you do not encounter things like a hunched spine as you age. 

. Helps overall performance in the body, increasing blood flow and circulation will transport more oxygen around. 

. The twists and turns we practice in our asanas flush toxins from vital organs, detoxing the body. 

. Back bends strengthen and lengthen the spine.

. You will experience a great sense of satisfaction as you progress and see yourself improve. 

. You will take all of the positive feelings and behaviours you start to create on your mat off of your mat, improving your behaviours of daily life. 

. Balance will improve, in your physical stance and in your mind as you clear the distractions. 

. Relaxes your body and mind, improving sleep and reactions to situations.

. Corrects certain injuries or spinal misalignments. 

. Enables you to be grateful for what you have by teaching you intentions for your practice and to think in a positive light.

. It can help reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis by supporting joints and cartilage. Encouraging nutrients to reduce further conditions. 


. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime by anyone. There is no need for equipment and you can practice to a level which suits you.