Chair Yoga

Support, Comfort, Relief 

What is chair yoga?

Chair yoga is a modified approach to the traditional practice. The chair is there as a supportive prop to feel more comfortable and move in and out of asanas with ease.

What should I expect?

The class will be set a gradual pace, not rushed and focusing strongly on breath control. Using the chair to sit, stand over and lean on while remaining balanced and safe during practice. Engaging core muscles in some of the seated positions and taking slight bends to create increased spinal mobility. The class can be practiced to a speed that suits the entire room but you will be pushing your capabilities to test mental and physical endurance. 

Why should I practice chair yoga?

Chair Yoga gives the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the benefits of what yoga has to offer. Practicing meditation, stretches and balance will bring focus and relaxation into your life. Building confidence as physical strength starts to improve and trying something new for yourself can be very rewarding. Everything can easily practiced at home, all you need is a chair. 

Who should practice chair yoga?

Primarily when thinking about who would benefit from this style of teaching I had in mind those who have medical conditions or injuries which prevent them from moving around on a mat with ease. Also people who naturally with age have decreased mobility and weaker body areas who need to feel supported. Physical weight can restrict you in certain asanas and this could be a great introduction into your practice of yoga. Of course anyone can join in on a class, you will find it gentle and challenging, regardless of your physical abilities.

Currently I am not hosting a class for this style of yoga. If you wish to arrange a private or group session then please contact me via the contact page.