Vinyasa Flow

Breath, Movement, Synchronisation. 

What is Vinyasa yoga?


A flow of asanas (postures) preformed one after the other, usually energetic and swift paced, sometimes I like to enjoy a pose for a few deep long breathes to penetrate connective tissues. The main intention is to incorporate controlled breath and smooth transitions into each asana. A philosophical approach to flow is that it is every changing, it reminds us the temporary nature of things. We enter into a posture, are there for a while and then leave.

What should I expect?

You will find a strong sequence in my class, the constant flow provides a sense of living in the present moment. Pranayama (breathing techniques) to prepare the body and mind for the class in hand, then a meditational end to the practice so you are left feeling balanced and relaxed. I will guide you through the steps to increase heat in your body and build up your practice into more testing asanas as you advance.

Why should I practice flow yoga? 

The steady pace will increase your heart rate and fitness levels while working your mind by concentrating on the flow. Noticeably your stamina and confidence levels will begin to improve. The class is enjoyable for beginners who want to challenge themselves and intermediate yogis who wish to find a fun and open yoga class. I offer modifications to make each asana accessible and include variations to also increase difficulty. This is also great class to follow on for those who have just completed the beginners course. 

Who should practice?

Flow yoga is for anyone, although if you are a complete beginner I would recommend signing up to the 6 week yoga course to learn the correct alignment and foundation of each posture, ensuring you are practicing as safely as possible and gaining the most from your practice. If you have practiced yoga before but not for a while then let me know at the beginning of the class so I can offer you my attention. Fitness and flexibility only play a small role in your abilities here, yes of course you will be able to "do more" if you are in better shape, however, that is also why you are here isn't it? You do not have to be flexible as you will be improving this with each class, you definitely do not have to touch your toes. As for fitness, if you need to rest, you rest. Childs pose is the perfect asana to relax in until you are ready to continue.