The Acquisition of Meditation


Meditation is the act of being engrossed in something so deeply that you are not distracted by everyday thoughts. The mind has a chance to be clear, training it frequently means that it will become easier to live in this calm state of mind often and without force. Meditation is not only a seated or lying activity, although it is a very common way to practice this way as it straightens the spine, opening the front body and allows you to connect to your breath which creates a sense of focus. An activity which captures your complete attention (so that your mind is clear of any miscellaneous thoughts) is an act of meditation, you are relaxing your mind and muscles so the body holds no tension. 


With regular practice, a mediative state of mind becomes easier to adopt to and you will start to see different benefits from the practice. In the beginning it may be difficult to switch off from the distractions going around in your head, reverting back to your breath is a great way to stay focused.

Here I have uploaded a short guided meditation. Feel free to contact me to arrange a more in depth guided flow and to talk about what your goals would be in terms of reducing anxiety, improving sleep patterns or for overall mental health.

Meditation is the key to unlocking your creativity and living to your full potential. 

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