Consciousness, awareness, enlightenment. 

What is Meditation? 

Meditation is the act of being so engrossed in something that you are not being distracted by everyday thoughts. Your mind has a chance to be clear, training it to become into this state more frequently and naturally. Meditation is not only a seated activity, although it is a very common way to practice as it allows you to sit straight, opening your body to connect to your breath which will create a sense of focus. An activity which captures your complete attention (so that your mind is clear of any miscellaneous thoughts) is an act of meditation, you are allowing your mind to enter into a calm mediative state

What should I expect in a guided meditation?

With regular practice, a mediative state of mind becomes easier to adopt to and you will start to see different benefits from it. In the beginning it may be difficult to switch off from the distractions going around in your head and you will have to try harder to focus on what you are being guided through, reverting back to your breath is a great way to do this. I may ask you to lie down or sit comfortably. Different sensations may arise with each mediation and that is completely normal, we never feel the same each day. After a meditation you will feel cleansed, clear minded and revitalised, ready for new ideas to grow and to let negative thoughts pass you by. That is how we are training our minds act. 

Why should I practice meditation?

Resting the mind in a happy, peaceful place has so many health benefits. You will notice the relationship with yourself and others around you will start to improve. You will gain more of an understanding of who your true self really is. You will notice that you can respond to certain situations more logically as your mind remains calm. Creative ideas may begin to flow and you will be able to drift off to sleep more easily. It is said that 20 minutes of successful meditation is as beneficial as 4 hours sleep.

Who should meditate?

The simple answer, everyone. If you are stressed, sad, happy, lost, sleep deprived, confused, young, old, ill, healthy, anxious, in limbo, angry, full of ideas or empty on ideas. Clearing your mind and relaxing completely will only have positive effects for your mind, body and spirit.