1:1 or Small groups

Personalised, professional, progression.

What is a private yoga class? 

A 1:1 session or small group (Max 3) will be completely tailored to your suit your goals. It may be a variety of styles, guided meditations and sequences to help reach your objectives. The 90 minute class and will either take place in a studio reachable for each of us or I will travel to you within a reasonable distance of Newport/Bristol.  

What should I expect?

Initially we will either meet for a coffee/tea (ironically mine will be a herbal tea) or have a phone discussion to talk about what it is that you want to achieve. It is important that we build a positive relationship, I will be guiding you through your practice and want us both to feel as comfortable as possible. We will discuss your goals, concerns and questions, from there I will begin to create a plan for what your practice will consist of. Each persons program is individual and different, designed to suit their needs. At the end of each class we will go over what you enjoyed most and what you would like to learn more of. You will be given information and photographs of the postures and sequences we practice within your classes. 

Why should I choose a private class and who would it benefit? 


There are many reasons why a person may choose to opt for a private or smaller group class. Fear of big classes, times which would suit better and being in the comfort of your own home could be one of them. A personal plan which will tailor specific needs would benefit a beginner who wants to learn the foundations of yoga or an advanced yogi who wishes to deepen their knowledge. Maybe mastering meditations is your objective or you have an injury which means your asanas will have to be modified. Whatever the reason for your interest I ensure you that this method of teaching is very effective. Focusing on your needs means that your goals are met at a faster pace and you feel supported along the way. 

How do I book in for a consultation? 

Please email me or use the contact page via the website to arrange a time and date best for us to have an initial chat. 

How much are classes? 

Class prices depend on where the class will take place. An additional £5 could be adjusted to the price below.


1:1 private class £35 - 90 minutes

2 persons small group class £40 - 90 minutes

3 persons small group class £45 - 90 minutes

If any of the above book a block of eight classes then there will be a discount of 10% 

I offer a discounted rate for any business looking to provide yoga classes within their company. Office employees benefit from aiding back pain and practicing stress relieving poses.