Yoga is a way to release emotional and physical tension from the body by directing our awareness internally. Focusing on breath and movement to relax, strengthen and bring the body and mind into a peaceful balance. Whatever your goal, yoga is for everyone.

Yoga Flow

Building strength and flexibility as you heat the body by preforming a range of asanas while synchronising breath. 

1:1 Session

Creating a plan to focus on personal goals. Achieving results and practicing at a pace which suits the student.

Beginners Course 

Learn the foundations of yoga from Warrior poses to Surya Namaskar. Gaining confidence on your mat in a safe and encouraging environment.


Chair Yoga

A modified and gentle form of yoga which is practiced while seated or using the chair as a supportive prop to assist in your practice.

Corporate Yoga

I offer a discounted rate for any business looking to provide yoga classes within their company. Office employees benefit from aiding back pain and practicing stress relieving poses.